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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> overwhelming devastation. the death toll rises as crews find more victims and the wreckage. >> plus 911 problems, why d.c.'s system was temporarily down today. >> and breaking news surrounding rush limbaugh's comments. he issues a new statement moments ago. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> live and in h.d. this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> the devastating storms across the south and midwest resulting in a death toll that continues to climb tonight. >> that's right. right now, officials say the series of tornados claimed 38 lives across five states. kentucky may have the most victims with 19 people dead there. kentucky, as well as ohio
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and indiana have declared states of emergency. they are still searching for survivors. scott is in henryville, indiana with the latest on this story. >> good evening. tonight people are walking around looking at all of the damage and just shaking their heads. they knew the storm was coming. there were many warnings but henryville was hurt with what the local sheriff called the worst case scenario. throughout clark county in southern indiana, the devastation is overwhelming. >> once again, mother nature has dealt a blow to indiana. >> officials said entire communities, homes, schools and businesses are gone. >> we love you and we're with you. it's not just government. this is their neighbors here to help. >> the friday twisters threatened millions of people from the gulf coast to the great lakes. the national weather service
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issued nearly 300 tore naid zoe warnings friday. it wasn't over. thunderstorms rocked georgia this morning bringing more dam. despite the many warnings, the twister struck so quickly and with such force that many who escaped barely had time to get away. >> we were told we had 11 minutes by the news channel and within 2 seconds it came through and lifted my house completely off the foundation. >> in henryville, the storm lifted the roof off the high school while students were still inside. troy alberts is the school's principal. >> if you walked through my car and through that hallway that is right there, we were just behind where the debris is. >> all 400 students survived but the school bus didn't. the wind pushed it across the street right into a restaurant. >> we just got down in the basement and boom, it went through. >> with the survivor stories
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are heart wrenching losses. not far from here someone found body of a four-year-old boy who had been ripped from his mother's arms during the storm. scott goldberg, abc news, now back to you. >> heart wrenching , thanks, scott. live in the weather center now with the latest on the track of the storm system. >> the storm system is finally pulling away from the atlantic coast off the coast of north carolina, and that means the severe weather will quickly come to an end. looking at satellite and radar, all the heavier activity is now towards the east of the outer banks of north carolina. expand the view out a little bit and you will notice that the clouds will increase for the overnight hours. temperatures today with a little sunshine made it into the lower 60's. a bit cooler off to the west. are you ready for the potential for a few flakes of snow and then temperatures around 70
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degrees? details coming up in just a few minutes. >> we have got breaking news from a controversy we have been following the last few days involving talk show host rush limbaugh. he is apologizing tonight. he issued a statement tonight saying his attack on a georgetown law student was a poor choice of words. limbaugh called sandra fluke a prostitute for advocating for birth control funding in president obama's healthcare law. president obama and house speaker john boehner both condemned limbaugh's initial remarks. >> and we're also following a developing story here in the district. d.c.'s 911 emergency system was temporarily down and residents were asked to call an alternate phone number but d.c. officials say the outage did not impact or delay any emergency response. tom is live now in southeast washington to explain exactly what took place. >> well, as it is supposed to work, if you are in d.c. and you make a 911 call, it
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goes to the communication center in the building behind me. for about an hour this afternoon, it didn't work properly. here is video we took in the neighborhood. we knew there was a power outage nearby this afternoon but police are not 100% sure if it is the power outage that led to the 911 normal operations being down. i'm told while this was going on, they were asking folks to call another number for a backup call center and that went pretty well, but you could still call 911, but the problem was that the person who picked up didn't have the usual technology available to dispatch someone, so if you called 911, it was a longer process to get an ambulance or police car to you during that hour. of course, 911 is a very vital things thing for the district of columbia so they're looking into whether or not it could have been a power outage but are not sure at this point. it is still under investigation what the exact cause. again, this afternoon for about an hour, the normal 911 system was down.
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they didn't have the technology available to send people out like they usually do live in the southeast, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much for that report. >> also developing tonight, a car plowed into a pizza hut restaurant in aspen hill late today at 4:00 p.m. in the 13000 block of georgia avenue. police say no one was seriously injured and in fact, the restaurant remained open during the incident. >> hundreds turned out today for the funeral of a 17-year-old high school student who died unexpected last last week. services were held at ridgeway community church in columbia, maryland. he was on the high school football team and described as a gentle giant at 6' 7" and a star player on the team. his father richard was overcome by emotion as he talked about his son. >> if i had one wish, i wish i could take his place. >> for 17 years i tucked my son into bed. 17 years i did that and i
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kissed him on his forehead every single night. >> he died of a blood clot last sunday. we will have more on today's funeral coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> right now, the votes are being tallied to see whether d.c. council member marion barry will be headed to the national convention this fall. if chosen, he would be one of four delegates traveling to charlotte but some say he is not an appropriate representative to send because of his conduct at the 2008 convention. live in northwest washington where party leaders are counting ballots tonight. mike. >> pamela, four hours after their caucus ended, party leaders had to move the count from u.d.c. to this church in logan circle. they're currently in the basement counting up each ballot and so far, it looks like marion barry is still collecting a healthy number of votes, although it is still early in this process. thursday, there was a lot of chatter after a d.c.
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political consultant wrote in the georgetown dish that d.c. democrats should not vote for marion barry because he is a, quote, walking public relations disaster. today marion barry dismissed the matter. >> they're haters. i'm not going to be distracted. >> marion barry says he's excited to go to charlotte. >> i'm a veteran at conventions, and the district needs to have someone fighting for them. >> he says his first democratic national convention was in 1972, but some believe 2008 should have been his last. >> we want to send people to the convention who are very serious, who can bring some prestige back to this city. we need to send some new residents and new faces and bring the city back. >> some democrats are unhappy with barry's recent tax troubles and alleged misconduct at the denver convention. his then girlfriend accused him of tossing her out of the hotel room after she refused to perform oral sex.
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>> that is not the image that we want the d.c. dell delegate to be portrayed. >> others say none of that matters. >> that was personal. we get into too many personal things. >> barry's history of leadership should outweigh any bad behavior -- >> it won't happen this time, but with him you don't know. overall, i think he is a positive for the delegation. >> as for barry, he says questions about his judgment are irrelevant. >> i'm telling you, i'm going down there to work. >> if selected marion barry and this delegation would travel to charlotte and help determine the national party platform and officially nominate president obama as the democratic candidate. but as michael brown put it today, most conventions are just stageed events with no real news happening and when you combine a lot of politicians and a lot of reporters in one city, you're bound to have a lot of gossip and controversy.
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>> mike, thank you. well, still to come here on abc 7 news, italian cruise ship trial. a hearing was held today to determine whether the captain was at fault. we're going to have details. >> plus, final goodbye. hundreds of people turned out to mourn one of the students killed in the ohio school shooting. >> and on the campaign trail. super tuesday is days away but one state is having i people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! get high yield free checking at capital one bank. why earn bupkis, when your checking could earn five times the national average!! and free atms anywhere.
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>> a criminal hearing is underway into the shipwreck of that italian cruise liner. a judge ordered four experts to examine the ship's data recorder and report their findings in july. 323 people -- 32 people were killed when the costa concordia jammed into a reef in january. the captain is accused of abandoning hip while crew members and passengers were still onboard. other top officers are under is investigation, also. >> funeral services were held today for one of the teens held in this week's school shooting in ohio.
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hundreds of people gathered this morning near chardon high school to remember 16-year-old daniel parmetor. he was one of three teens shot and killed when the suspected gunman, t.j. lane, opened fire in the school cafeteria. the funerals for the other two victims will take place next week. >> still ahead right here on abc 7 news, plenty of activity today in vote 2012 as one state holds its caucus tonight. candidates are traveling the country to campaign for super tuesday. >> and a mild saturday. steve is back with y
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>> it's a busy day on the campaign trail. tonight, washington state is holding its caucus and super tuesday is just a few days away. >> republican candidates seem to be focusing on ohio. romney, santorum and gingrich all made appearances there today.
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>> thank you. thank you so much. >> washington state's caucus is tonight, but republican contenders romney, santorum and gingrich all in ohio on the hunt for super tuesday votes. >> i don't know that there are must-win state. is. at this stage, we want to get the other 1,100 delegates that makes us the nominee. >> ohio alone has 66 delegates. the latest polls give santorum a slight lead over romney in ohio, 35-41%. so the gloves have come off. >> and i won't embarrass you in the white house. >> while santorum continues to say romney inspired president obama's healthcare bill. >> he recommended and made suggestions to president obama, including the individual mandate and taxing people who don't buy insurance. >> romney is attacking the white house. >> i love the fact that we can pursue opportunity as we
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choose and pursue happiness as we dream, rather than as president obama or his friends would tell us. >> newt gingrich, pushing for georgia's 76 delegates is hoping social networking will make a difference. >> your facebook pages, as they get picked up by your friends, will reach over a million people at no cost. >> and ron paul is continuing his message of smaller government. >> our country is a mess. >> tuesday could be a super clincher. >> the republican wants to poll in well. they want an inspirational figure like ronald reagan. i see governor romney more like president eisenhower. >> and a reminder here for you to keep it here on abc 7 for complete coverage of the super tuesday contest. we will have up-to-the-minute results on air and on-line. >> now we can focus on the weather. i did hear this correctly, you said snowflakes and 70 degree weather in a week's
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span? >> all in 7 days and all right here in washington, so spring or winter, the last hoorah as we move through the month of march. look at the beautiful sunset as we look toward arlington. the sun is down but a week from now we will be on the eve of daylight savings time. it is hard to believe it is already just around the corner. 63 degrees. that was the high at airport. a little bit of sunshine can really warm us up. the record is 79 set back in 1923. temperature now, 58 degrees. the windchill not a problem with winds out of the southwest at 7. 54 at rockville. on our weather network, head over to george washington university, 59 after a high of 61. it is 56 in annendale. temperatures warmed up nicely for the afternoon. now they're cooling that the sun has set. 52 winchester. 57 culpeper. fredericksburg at 59
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degrees. the really cold air off to the north and wrest. look at sault ste. marie, michigan. they're at 16 degrees. this is behind a cold front that is going to take its time. it is going to arrive early mondaying morning, and it's going to signal sort of a gloomy day across our area with a chance for a few snowshowers and then warmer air by the middle of next week. looking for the nasty weather, well off the north carolina coast. nothing for us for the overnight hours. clouds will begin to increase as they move through the early-morning hours of sunday, and maybe squeeze out a sprinkle or two during the day tomorrow, but really, it's not going to amount to a whole lot. clouds thicken for the overnight hours. southern maryland your best chance for a few showers early tomorrow morning as we move through the day on sunday, we will keep the clouds in the forecast, but look what happens during the day on monday. a shot of colder air. you will notice a few blips of purple and white. this indicates the potential for some sleet and some snow showers but we're not expecting any accumulations
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across the area. nighttime lows fall to around 32 do 40 degrees. mild temperatures for the district. tomorrow near 50 for a daytime high and the extended outlook, once we get through monday and tuesday, our temperatures warm dramatically. wednesday and thursday, daytime highs, mid to upper 60's. just around 70 degrees. i think we're starting to turn that corner into spring. >> it seems like it. looks promising. all right, thanks. >> it may be the off-season for football but the redskins are still making news and i don't know that we want them to be. >> i was watching. spn earlier with a friend and it was like why these highlights? it wasn't exactly good. just when you thought all was quiet at redskins park, think again. we will tell you what name is making huge headlines and one woman, one powerful savings tool,
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>> it is hard to believe that 11th ranched georgetown was actually ranked in the bottom of the big east in the preseason coach he's poll and today they go up against 8th ranked marquette , another powerhouse vying for the second seat in the conference tournament. take a look. second half, jay comes up with the steal and throws the alley oop to gentleman kneel jalil wilson. later in the second, hoyas got the leet. porter sticks the baseline jumper. he ties thompson with a team leading 19 points, and this is a freshman. the golden eagles are up and marquette wins 83-69. >> daniel luna strains the three and ties the game at 26. lehigh would take it all
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day. blows the game wide open in the second half. grineer gets the jumper of his own and adds a little flair to it. they had a 22-point lead and win 8 a-66. kevin dillon hands it over to his man paul williams all day every day, drains a three and dayton wins easily 75-59. well, the late i did terps are on a hot streak. they have won four games in a row and came into today's game against virginia already victorious in their last two outings against the cavaliers, so could they keep the momentum rolling? first up, terps up by three and alyssa thomas, always strong in the paint grabs the rebound and goes coast to coast for the nice layup. she had 13 at the break and the terps led 33-27 at half, but take a look at this. thomas, actually misses the free-throw but kaiser grabs the offensive rebound, puts it in. she fouls, and it's just, yeah, crowd loving it. maryland wins 73-58.
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they advance to in the acc championship games tomorrow. things are not looking good for greg williams the new orleans offensive coordinator. he faces allegations he rerewarded players for big hits that knocked opposing players out of the game. five players and a former redskin coach said saturday that williams offered a similar bounty system when he was the redskins defensive coordinator. the unnamed coach who came forward said williams would set a dollar amount for so-called kill shots in meetings before games. that kind of conversation is illegal in the national football league. former defensive lineman philip daniels, however, was the only player willing to be quoted by name. >> all right. let's go to the honda class nick palm beach garden. rory mcelroy, 47 feet. it doesn't get better than that. remember him at congressional? he has done it before. he is at at the leader at 11
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under par. tiger woods is nine strokes back at 2 under. the nationals lost 3-1 to the astros. hernandez took two scoreless innings for houston and brice harper got a hit. >> well, it's spring training so it doe
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>> we have to get through a couple cold days, only 40 monday with a chance for a few showers but by wednesday and thursday, temperatures around 70 degrees. >> all right. it looks like a repeat from this past thursday. all right. thanks for being here with us. we will see you back here at 11:00. good night, everybody.
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